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Featured image for “Get that perfect kick & bass glue! – Tip 25”

Get that perfect kick & bass glue! – Tip 25

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates and tips & tricks the last few months. While 2020 has already…


Featured image for “Essential Music Business Information! – Tip 24”

Essential Music Business Information! – Tip 24

This time it’s a bit of a different ‘Tips & Tricks‘ blog than usual. Instead of the typical production tips,…


Featured image for “Free plugins – 2021 edition! – Tip 23”

Free plugins – 2021 edition! – Tip 23

Happy New Year everyone! May 2021 be a year full of positive vibes. Hope you’re all ready for a new…


Featured image for “Tip 22 – How to bring ‘Life & Movement’ into your tracks.”

Tip 22 – How to bring ‘Life & Movement’ into your tracks.

Hey guys (& girls), This time I want to talk a bit about how to put some ‘life’ and ‘movement’…


Featured image for “Tip 21 – Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate – How to get that ‘professional sound’”

Tip 21 – Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate – How to get that ‘professional sound’

Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate. Hey guys, This time our tips & tricks post is about getting your tracks to sound as…


Featured image for “Tip 20 – Clean & Controlled Sub Bass”

Tip 20 – Clean & Controlled Sub Bass

Clean & Controlled Sub Bass Not a very long tips & tricks post this time, as I want to talk…


Featured image for “Tip 19 – Mix-down priorities”

Tip 19 – Mix-down priorities

Mix-down priorities A few blogs ago I wrote about how mixer buss routing would make it easier for you to…


Featured image for “Tip 18 – Transient Shaping & Designing”

Tip 18 – Transient Shaping & Designing

Transient Shaping In order to dive deeper into the specifics of transient shaping, it’s important to first define what a…


Featured image for “Tip 17 – Louder is Better? – Perceived loudness”

Tip 17 – Louder is Better? – Perceived loudness

Louder is better? Many of you will have heard of the ‘loudness war’. A typical name for the fact music…


Featured image for “Tip 16 – Mixer Buss Routing for better mix-downs!”

Tip 16 – Mixer Buss Routing for better mix-downs!

Buss Routing Mixer Buss Routing: Both for workflow purposes as for the benefit of your mixdown, it’s often best to…


Featured image for “Tip 15 – Networking – Getting your tracks out there!”

Tip 15 – Networking – Getting your tracks out there!

So, You’re an artist. You’ve got a good backstory and you have some really good tracks as well. But getting…


Featured image for “Tip 14 – Boost your Creativity!”

Tip 14 – Boost your Creativity!

Hey guys, Back for another production tip this week. This time it’s not about a special production technique or science…


Featured image for “Tip 13 – Reverb – how to get that real sound”

Tip 13 – Reverb – how to get that real sound

Yes, we’re gonna talk about Reverb. Ever since the introduction of digital music recording and processing, the audio community has…


Featured image for “Tip 12 – Why do your mixes sound ‘Muddy’ and Soft?”

Tip 12 – Why do your mixes sound ‘Muddy’ and Soft?

You might have heard people speak about the term ‘muddy’ when it comes to your mix downs. And possibly you’ve…


Featured image for “Tip 11 – Sidechaining your Reverb / Delay”

Tip 11 – Sidechaining your Reverb / Delay

So, you probably use a form of delay or reverb in every single track right? It’s a great way to…


Featured image for “Tip 10 – Mixing in Mono”

Tip 10 – Mixing in Mono

Now since we’ve had a few tips about stereo imaging so far, and all the focus nowadays seems to be…


Featured image for “Tip 09 – Stereo Imaging – Part 2”

Tip 09 – Stereo Imaging – Part 2

So, part two about Stereo Imaging. There are several ways to make sounds wide, but they all work in a…


Featured image for “Tip 08 – All About Compression!”

Tip 08 – All About Compression!

Hey guys, Here’s my new production tip for this time. I’ve always had tons of questions on compression. Compression can…


Featured image for “Tip 07 – Watermarking Your Tracks in FL Studio!”

Tip 07 – Watermarking Your Tracks in FL Studio!

Audio Watermarking your tracks in FL Studio (or other DAWs) So, we all know the hassle. When sending out your…


Featured image for “Tip 06 – Referencing Your Tracks!”

Tip 06 – Referencing Your Tracks!

What’s happening in my lows? What’s happening in the lows of that commercially released and great sounding track? And what’s…


Featured image for “Tip 05 – Turn your ideas into reality”

Tip 05 – Turn your ideas into reality

When starting out with production it can be hard to translate the ideas you have in your head into real…


Featured image for “Tip 04 – Freeware plugins galore!”

Tip 04 – Freeware plugins galore!

Hey guys, This time I want to keep it simple and just make a list of some of my favourite…


Featured image for “Tip 03 – EQ’ing the high frequencies”

Tip 03 – EQ’ing the high frequencies

It’s not all about that bass! Everyone who has been producing for some time has read it somewhere: Get rid of…


Featured image for “Tip 02 – Mixing Down in 3D – The Box”

Tip 02 – Mixing Down in 3D – The Box

A mixdown can be something very abstract when you’re starting out with your productions. The pure theoretical definition is “to combine…


Featured image for “Tip 01 – Stereo Imaging”

Tip 01 – Stereo Imaging

For this first production tip we’ll focus on the stereo image. More specifically; how to get a wide lead sound…



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