December 2020 – The Hypes

I often get the question what sort of tracks are currently being hyped. What kind of sound works right now, what is popular and what can we expect for the future? So I decided to list ten of the most popular and hyped tracks of that month, every month. By no means is this list complete, but it can give you some insight into where the popular music styles are headed. So let’s kick off – Ghost Producer NL – Hypes of the month December 2020.

1. Vintage Culture – It Is What It Is (feat. Elise LeGrow)

Classic house from Defected at it’s very finest. It’s one of those tracks that just feels like coming home and slipping on your comfy clothes.. Groovy rhythms, warm chords, hypnotic vocals. It features all of the best of the house music of yesteryear with the production quality of today.

2. Sasha & Franky Wah – Haunted

Sasha is well known for his “IDM” sound – combining elements from all genres to create music that’s more of a journey than it is a song. Beautiful and melancholic chord progressions, warm atmospheres, haunting vocals and a familiar breakbeat that keeps the track going. This track features everything that people love about Sasha and then some.

3. Signum feat. Scott Mac – Coming On Strong (ReOrder Remix)

ReOrder updates one of the tracks, if not THE track, that launched Signums legendary trance status. It kept all of it’s playfulness; the catchy melodies and the super recognizable vocals but is brought to the next level with an awesome production.

4. KREAM – About You

KREAM accomplishes to walk the fine line between credible deep house, yet with a commercial touch and it turns out great. It has a recognizable sound yet keeps things interesting throughout the track with an effective vocal phrase and a driving bassline.

5. York – On The Beach (Kryder Remix)

Any trance lover will instantly recognize the guitar play once it kicks in, as Kryder manages to take this trance classic to a whole new level. Melodic, hypnotic and super atmospheric.

6. MorganJ & Hiisak – Boy

This whole tech-house and bass-house crossover is super popular right now leaning more and more towards the bass-house side of things. Great dancefloor material with a super deep bass and classic house percussion combined with quirky effects, fills and vocals. This track perfectly captures the hype of the moment.

7. Malaa & Habstrakt – Riot Gear

Another bass-house track but this taking more deeper and minimalist approach. Groovy percussion, classic house vocals but with a focus on mainly having a powerful kick and bass drive in the drops.

8. Armin van Buuren feat. James Newman – Slow Lane

The latest track by Armin van Buuren combining his signature trance sound with a more commercial future house approach. Electronic synths vs warm acoustic instruments, topped off with the comforting voice of James Newman.

9. Dr. Fresch & Marten Hørger – Take A Step Back

Bass-house at it’s very best. Featuring some classic and instantly recognizable samples. Throw in some amazing fresh production and you have a winner on your hands. This track just begs to be played at the loudest of volume.

10. Robin Schulz feat. KIDDO – All We Got

Commercial electronic pop currently storming all the charts featuring all of the recognizable Robin Schulz sounds: acoustic guitars, strings, warm chords and more.