– 2020 – Looking back and facing forward.

First of all I want to wish you all the best for this holiday period and the coming new year. 2020 has affected all of us in one way or another; although some harder than others. The music industry; more specifically the artists themselves, the event organizers, record labels and the people working for and depending on them, have really felt the consequences of a world without live performances. Some of them found innovative ways to connect to their fans and brought streaming live sets to a whole new level. Others focused on releasing as much music as possible to keep themselves relevant.

With the coming vaccines we can all hope life will return to relative normal in 2021. Although it is to be expected we will feel the effects of the COVID-19 crisis for at least the next few years to come, changing the future of the entertainment industry significantly. What this means for you as an artist is still uncertain. But difficult situations also create opportunities. So if there ever was a time for you as an artist to differentiate yourself and rise above the rest; it is now!

Looking back

Over the last few years we’ve seen electronic music infuse with pop and urban music styles creating new (sub)genres that have a distinct and recognizable pop sound yet still feel fresh. Just think of ‘SAINt JHN – Roses (Imanbek Remix)‘ as the fourth most-streamed song on Spotify this year. And while the classic house sound has never really been gone, the last few years the commercial markets have been really eating it up resulting in some of the biggest dance hits of today, like ‘Joel Corry x MNEK – Head & Heart‘. This also goes for throwbacks to the era of funky and electronic disco, resulting in ‘The Weeknd – Blinding Lights‘ becoming the most streamed song of the year and ‘Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now‘ taking the fifth place on Spotify most streamed tracks list.

Throughout 2020 we’ve seen a rise of music genres that focuses on a slower and more melodic approach in contrast to the more festival and club ready tracks we’ve seen in the years before. This, of course, makes sense in a year where most big festivals were cancelled and clubs were closed more often than they were open for business. This trend will most likely continue throughout 2021 with (melodic) deep house and techno influencing the commercial music markets more and more with all the big artists bringing their own respective takes on the genre; Like Tiesto, David Guetta, Diplo, Robin Schulz, Kygo, Oliver Heldens and many more throughout this last year.

Facing forward

According to Yale professor and social epidemiologist Dr Nicholas Christakis, we might see a new β€˜roaring twenties’ in the near future. A period in which we as humans seek more social interaction while rebuilding society and restoring any socioeconomic damages done by this pandemic. This creates some interesting opportunities for the entertainment industry and might even result in a “boom” for the entertainment, (live) music and event industries.

What this means for you as an artist is that it’s more important than ever to work on your branding. Most of the music business right now takes place online, so your online presence needs to be spot on. Your (online) networking, your playlist / channel pitching, your own brand (including promotional texts and logos), your social media game and of course the music you release. Find a way to stand out. Find a way to pique the interest of the listener. And maybe most importantly; find your niche.

What this means for us as Ghost Producer NL is that, more than ever, we will explore these new opportunities and chances with you. Imagining, creating and developing your own signature sound while finding new markets and actively contributing to your brand. Instead of following trends, conceiving something fresh and new adding your (and our) own touch.

In 2020 we’ve had a returning client percentage of over 95% – meaning an overwhelming majority of artists who worked with us on a project came back for more – something we’re extremely proud of. Especially in a year as weird and uncertain as 2020. We’re also excited to see how 2021 will pan out, but needless to say; we are looking forward to life returning back to normal and our music industry taking off again.

Finally; as 2020 comes to an end, I want to wish you a happy, healthy and amazing 2021. May all your wishes come true! And if you need any help with that, you know where to find us. πŸ˜‰

Kind regards,
Michael de Kooker –