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  1. Afro House
  2. Ambient
  3. Bass House
  4. Big Room
  5. Brazilian Bass
  6. Classic House
  7. Dance
  8. Dancehall
  9. Deep House
  10. Deep Trance
  11. EDM
  12. Electro House
  13. Electro Pop
  14. Electronica
  15. Film Score
  16. Future Bass
  17. Future Bounce
  18. Future House
  19. Future Pop
  20. Garage
  21. G-House
  22. Hard Techno
  23. Hardstyle
  24. House
  25. Latin
  26. Mainstage
  27. Melodic House
  28. Melodic Techno
  29. Minimal
  30. Moombahton
  31. Nu-Disco
  32. Peak Time Techno
  33. Progressive House
  34. Reggaeton
  35. RnB
  36. Synthwave / Retro
  37. Tech-House
  38. Techno
  39. Trance
  40. Trap
  41. Tropical House
  42. Urban
  43. & Many More Genres






Unfortunately, we cannot make any guarantees regarding label placement on a specific label. We can never guarantee a track will be signed to a certain label 'X', reach the charts at shop 'Y' or reach a certain amount of streams on Spotify or other streaming services. Our commitment lies in guaranteeing the exceptional quality of the tracks we deliver. We can deliver professional quality tracks, similar to the quality of your reference tracks (or better) and if desired, we're more than willing to assist in promoting your track and offering guidance along your musical journey. However, what happens with the track ultimately rests in your hands, after our collaboration.
Most definitely, yes! Your influence and input are highly valued throughout the entire production process. We construct the track in multiple stages, keeping you informed of each change that has been made. With every demo version, we actively seek your feedback to ensure alignment and full engagement in the track's development. Your input guides our adjustments, allowing us to tailor the track precisely to your preferences or proceed toward the finalization phase. The project moves forward only after obtaining your approval, and we then progress to the mixdown and mastering phase.
While many other ghost producer companies offer premade tracks or constructs created from standardized kits, providing minimal input in the final product, Ghost Producer NL stands apart by delivering fully customized tracks built from the ground up. Our commitment is to craft bespoke compositions that align precisely with the unique preferences of our clients. The outcome? Professional-grade, original tracks that resonate exactly as you envision them, setting your music apart with unparalleled quality and authenticity.
Yes! Confidentiality is extremely important to us. We will never release or disclose any information regarding our clients, or our projects to third parties.
Yes! If requested we can provide you with the project files. We will inform you beforehand in which DAW the piece of music is produced.
Predicting the exact timeframe for a production is challenging, given the inherently creative nature of the process. The duration largely depends on the specifications of the project. Unsurprisingly, a comprehensive project, such as a full commercial vocal track, necessitates more time for production compared to a smaller endeavor, like an instrument loop or sample. We tailor a customized schedule for each project, ensuring that the timeline aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements and complexities involved.
Upon completion, the final package will be transferred using a reliable service such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. The comprehensive project package includes uncompressed 24-bit audio files for both an extended version and a shorter version (radio edit/original mix). In the package, you can expect to find various components, including the premaster, a self-mastered version, a 3rd party master (digital or analog), mixed-down buss stems, project files, a folder containing promotional documents, mailing lists, and more. We ensure a secure and efficient delivery process to provide you with all the necessary elements for your project.
Yes, you will receive a contract once agreed upon the terms of the project. This contract encompasses essential details concerning the project and payment terms. Among its key components, the contract will include a 'Non-disclosure Agreement,' outlining the confidentiality terms, a 'Transfer of Rights' section specifying the ownership transfer, and a 'Declaration of Exclusivity,' solidifying the exclusive nature of our collaboration. This legal document is designed to safeguard the interests of all parties involved and ensure clarity on the terms and conditions governing our partnership
Absolutely! We offer flexibility in working with your audio or vocal files. We can connect you with experienced songwriters and/or vocalists from our network, assist you in finding the perfect vocalist or songwriter for your track, or seamlessly integrate the vocal recordings you provide. In case you deliver audio files and/or recordings, it's important to note that the final outcome is influenced by the quality of the original recordings. A good performance by the vocalist and high-quality recordings contribute significantly to the quality of the finished project. The better the performance and recording quality, the more exceptional the final result will be.
For clients within the European Union, we offer the convenience of money transfer via your bank account or PayPal. For those outside the European Union, we prefer transactions through PayPal. To initiate a project, we request an upfront payment ranging from twenty percent (20%) to fifty percent (50%), depending on the project's scale. This initial payment serves as a commitment and ensures the seriousness of the project before we commence our collaborative journey.
We provide two distinct options. Option One: Upon the completion of the project, you become the exclusive owner, possessing all rights to the finalized track. You have the freedom to use and control the track as you wish, and all associated royalties belong entirely to you. Option Two: By mutual agreement, a royalties arrangement can be established if specifically requested. Under this option, you can release the track under your name, but the rights and royalties remain with us. Please note that this option may impact the pricing structure and is only available for established artists with a significant audience, r,each and network.

A ghost producer (or ghostwriter) is a producer who produces music credited to another person. Ghost producers are often used for writing music for popular genres, artists or acts.

A ghost producer, also known as a ghostwriter, is a highly skilled music producer who creates compositions and produces tracks on behalf of another individual, typically without receiving public credit for their work. This practice is prevalent across various music genres, and ghost producers play a crucial role in shaping the sounds and styles associated with popular artists, acts, or specific music genres.

These professionals collaborate with artists who may not possess the technical expertise or time to produce music themselves. Ghost producers bring their musical proficiency and creativity to the table, crafting tracks that align with the artistic vision and preferences of the credited artist. While the ghost producer remains behind the scenes, their impact on the final product is substantial, influencing the quality and appeal of the music released.

Ghost producers often contribute to a wide range of musical elements, including composition, arrangement, sound design, and overall production. This collaborative approach allows artists to focus on their strengths, such as performance or vocal delivery, while the ghost producer handles the intricate details of music production.

It's worth noting that ghost production is a well-established practice in the music industry, contributing to the creation of hit songs and successful albums. The partnership between artists and ghost producers is based on mutual understanding and agreement, ensuring that both parties benefit from the collaboration

For further information on the concept of ghostwriting, you can explore additional resources, like wikipedia on ghostwriting.

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