Tip 04 – Freeware plugins galore!

Hey guys,

This time I want to keep it simple and just make a list of some of my favourite freeware plugins. I use these plugins in most of my projects. This shows you that you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment or plugins to make good music. These plugins are free (okay, some have paid versions too) but deliver high quality results.
Any additional tips, in the comments below, are much appreciated too! :)

Voxengo SPAN (Website)
Awesome spectrum analyzer . Perfect for visualizing your mix. It includes a stereo, mid-side analyzer, a correlation meter and more! I use this one on every single track.

A1stereocontrol (Website)
Control your stereo information. Using this tool you can make your track wider or narrower. Also a great tool to mute your mids or your sides. That way you can easily hear how your mids or sides sound on their own.

bx_cleansweep (Website)
The plugin name already tells you what it is. A clean sweep, really clean filter plugin.

bx_solo (Website)
Another one for the stereo information. Solo your left, right or mid, side information but with a twist. Using BX’s phase correction it’s even easier to hear what’s going on in your sides.

Unfortunately the company behind this plugin has stopped. Although according to rumours, Apple has taken over the company now. But I’m sure you can still find this nifty little tool somewhere online! Camelcrusher is a little distortion plugin, you can use to color your sound. It works great when used subtle, but can also be pushed to make your sounds go crazy!

Illformed Glitch 1 (Website)
The mother of all glitch plugins. I’m not sure if this one needs an introduction. Just a few keywords: glitch, distort, tape-stop, stretch, reverse, bitcrush and more!

LVC-Audio Clipshifter free (Website)
This plugin is all about clipping. The right way of clipping. Perfect for distorting, warming or just maximizing your sounds. Not just static, but dynamic as well. A great way to push your sounds even a little further. The paid version includes EQ, sidechain, Mid/side, oversampling and doubling as well.

Over The Top – Multiband Compressor (Website)
Made by Steve Duda, so guaranteed high quality. A simple but very effective multiband compressor. On the highest settings it goes really over the top, hence the name. Works great to pump up individual sounds, but can spice up your master as well!

Acon Digital Multiply (Website)
Winner of the KVR Audio Developer Contest 2014. This is a free but very versatile and high quality chorus effect. I really recommend this one instead of any DAW chorus (or other expensive chorus effect for that matter)

TAL Bitcrusher (Website)
Easy to use bitcrusher. Can be used to fatten up your sounds or to make your highs shine a little more. I use this one a lot!

Kjaerhus Classic Compressor (Website)
Smooth sounding compressor, based on the classic analog sound. Great quality, easy to use and free!

Flux BitterSweet v3 (Website)
Freeware transient shaper. Really easy to use but delivers high quality results. Using the big wheel you can determine the transient amplitude.Sweet decreases the amplitude of the transient, bitter increases them!

Dimension Expander (Website)
Another one from Xfer records, or Steve Duda. It’s a stand alone effect to recreate the dimension expander in Massive. Which in it’s turn is a recreation of the classic Dimension D effect. A chorus / spatial expander.

Hope this production tip helps you with your tracks. Happy producing!
And if you need any help, you know where to find me!

Michael de Kooker