The Top Promo Channels for YouTube



As an early Christmas present we decided to compile a list of some of the best promo channels to get your music out there. Today we start off with 63 of the best YouTube promo channels for your music. This is the first of a series; followed by Spotify and SoundCloud lists later in 2018, as well as Facebook and social media groups. Using this information is a sure way to gain more exposure and kick-start your career. These Youtube Music channels are privately curated channels that upload a selection of new music on a regular basis. Because of the large number of subscribers on these channels, they are extremely interesting for any artist wanting to get his music, and his brand, ‘out there’.

Music Promotion 2.0

This is a relatively new way of music distribution, offering artists a way to publish their music without being dependent on traditional record labels and their distribution methods. Instead it offers the possibility to easily reach a massive amount of new people and organically grow your own audience. We’ve divided the channels into several groups: EDM / Dance General, House / Deep / Bass / Future, Trap / Future Bass / Dubstep Chill / Lounge / Deep and General / Misc / Other. Because of the overlap of some of the channels it wasn’t always easy to pick one category. We hope you’ll make good use of this list. If you have any questions, or need help with your music productions, we’d be more than happy to help you out. Please contact us using the contact page.

How to use this list?

As an artist you want to get your name out there. It’s all about building the brand growing your audience. Now these channels are always looking for good music to showcase to their audience. You see the connection here? You’re looking for a way to get your music heard and these channels are looking for music to promote. 1 + 1 = 2 #quickmaths. Now it still does require some effort on your side though. First of all a good track (we can help you with that), but secondly the promotion and networking.

Most of the channels simply require you to send a promo e-mail, or upload your track through a form on their website. It’s really not that hard, but we’ll give a few pointers that will increase your chances of getting your music out there!


Speaks for itself. Make sure your track is at least similar in quality as other tracks on you targeted promo channel, preferably even better.


Promo channels like to have exclusive content to show their audience. If you plan on sending your tracks to multiple channels, at least make sure to wait for a bit in between your e-mails.


Besides a good track, make sure you present yourself as a true artist. Have an electronic press kit available in case a promo channel asks for it.


It’s always important to be nice and to be professional. The promo channel has something you want, you have something the promo channel wants (at least, we hope). Be patient, be realistic and be friendly.


A SoundClound link is perfect, just remember to always enable the download option.


But always remember; it’s about the track first.

Success! Now what!?

So you’ve had your track featured on one of the more influential promo channels and had thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands (or maybe even more?) plays on your music. What’s next? First of all: congrats! You’ve made a huge step into kick-starting your artist career. Put a bit of effort into reaching out to your new fans. Try replying to their messages on social media or on the promotional channel. See if you can get them to connect with you on other social media and try to keep a form of interaction going. From there you continue in the same vein. Get your music out there, grow your audience and in time, once your audience is big enough, profit from the efforts you’ve put into this so far. Either by monetizing your music, playing live shows, sales on your music, clothing or any other way you can think of.

Since this is the first of a series, we’ve focused on YouTube first. Next time we’ll dive deeper into promotion on other social media.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or need help with your music or promotion, we’d be happy to help out. Please contact us using the contact page.

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