Why you need to promote yourself!

So, you’ve made up your mind. You want to be a DJ, or a producer. Maybe both, because nowadays a DJ cannot make a career without productions, and producers need to tour the globe to be able to generate some income. Good, so you’ve got your goal right there. You want to get your name out there in the (electronic dance) music scene, travel the world, have the biggest DJ’s play your productions and gain masses of fans. If possible, you’d like to reach those goals today. Yes, please. Luckily, there are ways to promote yourself, to BUILD a career.

Online presence & press kit

If you’re seriously intending to become the world’s next big DJ or producer, you’ve got to invest in promoting yourself and your music. The first thing to do is: get your online presence right! Make sure you’re on social media, your music can be found on Soundcloud, maybe even set up your own website. Don’t leave it empty and be the mystery project – you’ve got to have a professional biography up there. People need to know who you are. Record labels need to know who they’re dealing with, in case they want to sign you up. Promoters need to know you’re the experienced DJ that you claim to be. And fans want to find out more about their new hero. But that’s not all. Image is everything these days. Invest in a good photographer, run a photoshoot and get some quality press pictures made.


A friend of a friend of a friend…you know what they say? It’s a small world, and indeed it is. They also say that within 6 handshakes, you’re shaking hands with whoever you can imagine. Sounds like complete non-sense, but it’s true. The electronic dance music scene has exploded, and more people are involved today than ever before, but as soon as you start networking, you’ll notice that there’s a connection to everything and everyone. Get your face out there, go to Amsterdam Dance Event, Miami’s Music Conference, Dancefair, at parties and events, talk to people from all levels of the industry – from fans to A&R’s, label bosses and PR managers, get into online groups and get to know your competition, ask to be introduced. Learn, ask for feedback, listen to people’s opinion and while staying true to yourself – be your own critic. But most importantly: don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Give them your business card, and ask for theirs. Once people have a face to add to a name, they’ll remember you next time you email them.

And you know…if they do check you out, you’ll have your online presence ready and set for the next step. It’s all up to you to do talking, but we’re more than willing to help out with a strategy, and sometimes even introduce you to industry people within our network.

Get your music & message out there

If you and your music are ready for that next step, we have lots of options to help you out. We can write you a great press release to point out an important release or gig, do a write-up to promote your own event, create a unique release info/promotional text to get your track noticed, create an interview that you can have blogs post, or even send out your tracks to DJ’s with a promotional mail-out. You need to get yourself out there, and make sure you’re heard. And we’re more than happy to think of a strategy for you and brainstorm about creative ideas to get yourself out there.