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Feeling limited in your music production skills? Got your mind bursting with great ideas, but don’t know how to translate them into music? Missing out on that last bit of creativity to finish a project? Ghost Producer NL can help you create your track exactly the way you want to. Our Ghost Producers are highly qualified, have years of experience in the electronic dance music business, know exactly how to produce multiple variations of genres and will do anything to turn your ideas into reality.

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What is a Ghost Producer?

What is a Ghost Producer?

Now this is a question I get asked a lot. What exactly is a ghost producer? What does being a ghost producer mean? And what does a ghost producer do exactly? There isn’t really an official definition, but the easiest way to explain what the term ‘ghost producer’ means is the following: a ghost producer is a music professional that is hired to write/create/produce a track that is credited to another artist. It’s the musical equivalent to the ‘ghost writer’ that is common in the book industry. The ghost producer is the person creating the music, but the music is credited to another artist. The ghost producer himself often remains uncredited and anonymous. Usually there’s a confidentiality clause (or non-disclosure agreement) to ensure the ghost producer remains anonymous. In return for staying anonymous the ghost producer gets paid by the credited artist.

See the Wikipedia on Ghost Writing:

Why use a Ghost Producer?

There are a lot of good reasons to work with a ghost producer. For instance, if you’re a successful DJ with an exhausting touring schedule, you might simply not have the time to be in the studio that often. With an ever more demanding music industry and fans that are looking for the next big track, working with a ghost producer is a good option to keep up with both touring and releasing new music. For this reason most of the bigger and successful artists and DJ’s have built a whole team around them. Another reason can be because of the fact producing quality music requires a lot of effort, practice and a bit of talent. Someone can be a really good DJ but can lack in the production department. You can have the best ideas, but that doesn’t always mean you know how to get these ideas into your DAW. In order to keep their artist career growing they can resort to working with a ghost producer. With professionally produced tracks they can give their career a boost. So to sum it up; often the reason for working with a ghost producer is either a lack of time or a lack of production experience (or a combination of the both). Whatever the reason is; working with a ghost producer gives these artists that extra boost they’re looking for.

What is co-production

Co-production is an option where the credited artist (the buyer) still has a lot of input in the project. The ghost / co-producer simply helps the artist with a track they already started. This way you get a true collaboration between the artist and the ghost / co-producer. Often the co-producer still remains uncredited. So, while during the production process this is a true collaboration, the co-producer remains uncredited and the final track is only credited to the artist himself. Of course that’s not always the case and in some cases the co-producer does get his place in the credits, just not in the track title.

What does a Ghost Producer do?

A ghost producer basically does everything a regular producer does. From songwriting, regular production, arrangement to audio engineering. But where a regular producer is often credited the ghost producer mostly remains uncredited. Although in some cases the ghost producer can still keep a part (percentages) of the mechanical or publishing rights. You could basically see the producer as a ‘project manager’ for anything production, recording, mixing and mastering. A valuable member of the team.
Ghost production isn’t just about delivering a track from scratch. All clients have a creative say in the process. Starting with simple ideas, references and overall notes. But besides that also by working from midi files, audio stems or even recorded audio (singing, whistling etc.) During the process of creation the client is involved in every step, by showing previews and asking for feedback. The final result is a track that, creatively, is just as much the clients track, as it is the ghost producer.

Who uses a Ghost Producer?

The vast majority of bigger artists and DJ’s work together with either a regular producer or a ghost producer for the reasons mentioned above. If you take a look at the DJ mag top 100, it’s safe to say most of the DJ’s work together with at least one other producer. This is both beneficial to the artist as well as to the ghost producer. For smaller artists it might give them an opportunity to labels, promotional channels or distribution methods that might not be accessible for them otherwise. Most DJ’s starting out their career simply are not able to deliver that type of professional quality track. In that case working with a ghost producer can give them the extra boost.
Ghost producing, or even ghost writing (or painting) is something that has been happening for a long time. It was there centuries ago in the time of the famous painters, where a famous painter would sign the painting of his student and it’s still here today. It happens in every sector in the creative industry. In the music scene of today, where artists have a demanding tour schedule and less and less time to be in the studio, a ghost producer can help the artist create or finalize his tracks. Often the artist himself has a lot of ideas, maybe even part of a project, and the Ghost Producer can finish the track for him.

Famous artists like Tiesto, David Guetta are known to have people helping them with their productions, while other famous artists such as Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix are known to have ghost produced for others.

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