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Feeling limited in your music production skills? Got your mind bursting with great ideas, but don’t know how to translate them into music? Missing out on that last bit of creativity to finish a project? Ghost Producer NL can help you create your track exactly the way you want to. Our Ghost Producers are highly qualified, have years of experience in the electronic dance music business, know exactly how to produce multiple variations of genres and will do anything to turn your ideas into reality.

We’ve got experience with commercial radio hits, music in (inter)national charts (Top 40/Top 100), music portal charts (Beatport, iTunes, Trackitdown), big remixes and peak-time original tunes.


Progressive House EDM Electro House Deep House Tech House Techno Trance House Garage Trap Pop Ambient Electronica Film Score Minimal And Many More Genres…


Ghost Production

Our producers can create full, original tracks, remixes, radio edits, mash-ups and more. They can start from scratch, building something completely unique, or work from a sample or melody you’ve already made. If you provide us with samples (or links) of tracks in the style you please, we can use those as reference for your new track.

Audio Engineering

Our audio engineers can mix and master your tracks. Making them sound bigger, fuller, wider and overall more pleasant to listen to. By carefully listening, sculpting and processing the sounds, we are able to take your tracks to the next level. As a result, your tracks will sound professional and ready for the world to hear!

Stems & Instruments

Already producing music, but still looking for that crazy bassline, pounding kick, funky percussion or a peaktime melody to use in your tracks? We can help you with the stems and instruments of your track. We can provide you with unique, custom made loops, samples, shots, midi, effects and melodies.

Vocals & Lyrics

We are working together with a really talented songwriter with loads of experience on vocals for EDM tracks and multiple top charting tracks. Whether you’re looking for a commercial sounding voice for your new radio track or looking for a catchy phrase for your club-pounding house track, he can get the job done!


If you need a proper biography, artist profile, or would like to complete your track or album with well-written release info, a press release or more, we’re offering our expert services for professional copy writing . If you’re interested in high quality writing services, please contact us!

Promo Mailouts

What you want, is for the big DJ’s to pick up your track, right? Using the services of our sister site –, – to promote your track will get you a slick-looking mail-out with a professional promo-text and artist profile, sent to a database of 1500+ DJ’s in the trance, house or techno/deep-house genre.

Before We Start

We start off by discussing your wishes, ideas and thoughts on the project. A detailed description really helps us to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. Based on this information, we’ll make you a specified offer. Once the offer is accepted, we ask for a deposit of 10% to 30% (depending on the size of the project) to make sure the project is serious. After this we kick off the project.

Making Progress

During the production process, we continuously keep you up-to-date with previews and snippets of the project. This way you can keep track of the project and request adjustments if needed. This ensures your involvement and really gives you control over the direction the project is going. Once you’re happy with the project, we continue to complete the track and move towards the final mixdown.

Upon Completion

Once the final mixdown is completed and agreed upon, we send over the track to a third party mastering studio, who also masters for labels such as Armada, Spinnin, Sony, EMI and Universal. As soon as the mastering engineer has worked his magic, we’ll send you a high quality demo of the project together with the final invoice. When the full payment has been made, we will send you the full package.

Our ‘All-In-One’ Solution!

Our ‘all-in-one’ pack is the ultimate solution for the ambitious and serious artist. This package does not only include a premium ghost production, stems and project files, but also includes all necessary information to promote both the track and yourself as an artist. Taking your career to the next level has never been this easy!

  • Premium Mastering

    Mastering at the studio that has mastered for Spinnin, Armin van Buuren, Armada, Universal, Sony, EMI and many more.

  • High quality mixdown

    Mixed down at around -6 db. Making sure there is plenty of headroom left for the mastering engineers to work their magic.

  • Stems of the project

    Separately rendered stems of the mixed down project. Perfect for remix purposes or for high quality stem mastering.

  • Project files

    Cleaned up and conveniently coloured project files. Perfect for learning or to give the project a personal touch.

  • A&R’s mailing list

    A private mailing list with email addresses to A&R’s of the biggest labels. Making sure your demos will be going to the right person.

  • DJ Promo mailing list

    Get your tracks out there by using this mailing list filled with promo addresses of some of the biggest DJ’s.

  • Other documents

    Yes, there’s even more information on promotion, blogs, radio shows, promoters and other important stuff.

  • A ‘promotion 101’

    Set up your brand and start promoting!. This explains how to promote the track and yourself using the files in this package.

Copywriting & Promotion

In collaboration with our sister-site,, we can also offer you high quality copywriting and promotional services.

DanceWrite is a brand new Copywriting & Promotion agency for producers, DJ’s, artists, record labels and other music businesses. Owned and set up by a qualified and experienced copywriter, journalist and social media manager, DanceWrite delivers a unique and high quality service with a personal touch. Biographies, press releases, interviews, social media communication and promotional texts are DanceWrite’s specialty.

The owner of DanceWrite, Daniëlle Vermaat, has got more than 8 years of experience working in the Electronic Dance Music industry. Having worked with and for artists such as Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Dash Berlin, W&W and many more, DanceWrite has the experience to deliver what’s needed. A way of putting music into word, and spreading it.


There’s nothing more important than a proper background story. Where do you come from, what’s your ambition, where do you want to go? A well-written biography won’t only profile you as an artist, or distinguish your company’s core values, but also becomes the starting point for press, promoters and labels within the industry.

Social Media

Direct communication to your fan base, your target group, is one of the most important aspects of building a career. DANCEWRITE has outstanding experience in several social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and more. Advising you on social media strategy, as well as writing your content, you can keep your focus on music.

Release info

Albums, singles, digital packs…anything that needs a write-up, gets our full attention. DANCEWRITE listens to the music, feels it, and only then starts writing. Release info’s aren’t only there for the business side of things, but also need to trigger your fan-base and attract new music lovers.

Press releases

An entirely different tone-of-voice, press releases connect the story you want to tell with the world of media that’s hot today. Informative, straight to the point, serving only the points you want to highlight. DANCEWRITE knows exactly which title works best, which quote to highlight, and how to make sure that the spotlights are set on you and your message.

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