Why use a Ghost Producer?

Why use a Ghost Producer?

There are a lot of reasons why an artist would make use of a Ghost Producer. With an ever more demanding industry for the artists and acts there is a constant need to deliver. More music, more shows, original productions, better quality music, solid promotion, fresh DJ sets and the list goes on. Artists are pushed to their absolute limits and can use all the help they can get. At some point every artist needs to form a team around him or her, that helps them with their promotion, the management of their brand, their DJ bookings but also helps them with their music, through either a (ghost) producer or co-producer or specialized mixing or mastering engineers. The reason can be the artist is playing so many shows, there’s simply no time left to actually be in the studio. Another reason can be the artist has a lot of good ideas but not the skills to deliver the quality that’s requested nowadays and needs help through Ghost Production or Audio Engineering. Or it can simply be because the artist needs a little push in the right direction; a good track and some initial guidance to kick-start their music career. Whatever reason you have; at Ghost Producer NL we’d be happy to help and assist you and create the track of your dreams!

We at Ghost Producer NL strive to bring the best quality of tracks to our clients. Therefor we’ve teamed up with some of the best of the business, in terms of ghost production, mastering and songwriting / vocal recordings. This way we can ensure a high quality track as end result. Due to the experience and talent of the people we work with we can deliver a higher quality than one normally would create at home.

Who uses a Ghost Producer?

Ghost producing, or even ghost writing (or painting) is something that has been happening for a long time. It was there centuries ago in the time of the famous painters, where a famous painter would sign the painting of his student and it’s still here today. It happens in every sector in the creative industry. In the music scene of today, where artists have a demanding tour schedule and less and less time to be in the studio, a ghost producer can help the artist create or finalize his tracks. Often the artist himself has a lot of ideas, maybe even part of a project, and the Ghost Producer can finish the track for him.

Famous artists like Tiesto, David Guetta are known to have people helping them with their productions, while other famous artists such as Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix are known to have ghost produced for others.

A helping hand!

Ghost production isn’t just about delivering a track from scratch. All clients have their creative input in the process. Ranging from simple ideas, references and overall notes. to complete midi files, audio stems or even recorded audio (singing, whistling etc). Throughout the production process the client is involved in every step. Simply by showing constant updates, previews and asking for feedback on these versions. The final result is a track that, creatively, is just as much the clients track, as it is the ghost producer.

The music

The people we work with are true professionals with a lot of experience in the music business. From ghost producers to songwriters, from mastering engineers to promotion agencies. We want to provide the full package and because of that only work with the best. The final products leaving our studios are high quality tracks; of a similar quality as the tracks rocking the dancefloors and charts all over the world. Some of those were actually produced by our producers.